Ametex Resources Ltd is a Limited liability company incorporated in 2001 with the objective of re-organising and re-structuring the functioning and operations of both private and public sector organizations; undertaking research into activities of organizations in order to re-position them to achieve their set goals, objectives and targets in-tune with modern approaches and technologies.

Ametex Resources is made up of a reputable team of Management, Research, and Training Consultants. It is an ideas-driven Training and Resource Company incorporated in Nigeria that offers to the forward looking, discerning corporate organizations, the benefit of deep content, relevant, up-to-date and accurate information within easy reach and at competitive pricing.

At AMETEX, we are propelled by the need to make a difference, and a change in our society. We are not just about finance and the making or protection of money, but about the totality of the development question that faces societies around the world. As it pertains to emerging and transition economies, we intend to assist in projecting such upcoming potentials to achieve tremendous strides in the coming years.

AMETEX offers world-class and sector-specific training, seminars, workshops and conferences for various cadres of staff in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy. Our services and products are set to be and have become industry standard and invaluable sources of reference for professionals across business functions and industries. Our clients are guaranteed of a consistent upgrading of their knowledge-base, skills and competencies that will position them for success in their field or industry.

We provide in-house training program, which is an efficient, cost-effective and targeted way of ensuring that employees are provided with the knowledge and skills they require to excel on their job functions. Our trainings cover a range of topics in various key areas in finance and management such as, Senior Management Development, Strategic Business Analysis, Pension Fund Strategies, Insurance, Capital Market, Financial Accounting, Forecasting and Modeling, Risk Management, Mortgage Banking etc. In addition, we undertake programme/project evaluation on request from our clients.

The company is purely a business organization and operates within the professional dictates of modern business practice.